In addition to commemorating Providence people’s years of service, many of our staff, physicians, researchers and volunteers receive numerous internal and external awards throughout the year, as outlined here.

This year’s long service recognition honoured the contributions of nearly 1,100 staff, including more than 40 physicians and 45 volunteers who collectively have contributed 15,145 years to Providence Health Care.

Arthritis Alliance of Canada Knowledge Translation (KT) Research Award

Dr. Nick Bansback

BC Health Care Awards

Gold Apple Dianna Mah-Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care Award
  • Residential Care for Me: Megamorphosis
  • Seniors Care and Palliative Services, Providence Health Care
  • Project Team: Jo-Ann Tait, Robena Sirett, Sonia Hardern, Heather Mak, Linda MacNutt, Paul Whitehead, Residential Care for Me Navigation Group, Youville Residential Care Team, Brock Fahrni Residential Care Team
Award of Merit Top Innovation
  • Fall-unteers: A Volunteer-Based Falls Prevention Strategy in Residential Care
  • Project Team: Nadra Ali, Carrie-Ann Longstaffe, Rae Johnson, Sandy Wong, Jasmine Narayan, Fall-unteers
Award of Merit Collaborative Solutions
  • Vancouver Shared Care Team
  • Providence Health Care, Doctors of BC, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Project Team: Margot Wilson, Wendy Hansson, Dr. Robert Levy, Dr. Jiwei Li, Margot Wilson, Delia Cooper, Kent Loftsgard, Nico Miraftab, Luc Holland, Jillian Kratzer, Dr. Goldis Mitra, Ray Grewel
Health Care Hero Gold Apple Award
  • Dr. David Agulnik

BC Patient and Safety & Quality Council Award Winners

“Staying Healthy” Team Award: Runner-up, Holy Family Fall-unteers

Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) Leadership Awards

3M Health Care Quality Team Award (Within an Organization): Providence Health Care, Megamorphosis project
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Canadian Academy of Health Sciences inductee

Dr. Larry Lynd

Canadian Society of Transplantation (CST) Research Excellence Award

Dr. Jag Gill

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Young Investigator Award

Dr. Jordan Guenette

CIHR Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chair in Precision Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (Tier 2, new) – Dr. Liam Brunham
Canada Research Chair in Person-Centred Outcomes (Tier 2, renewed) – Dr. Richard Sawatzky

Geoffrey O. Hartzler Master Operator Award

Dr. John Webb

Family Physician of the Year, College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Christy Sutherland

Innovation and Translational Research Awards

Dr. David Barbic
Dr. Honglin Luo

Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize

Dr. Andrew Krahn
Dr. Bruce McManus

Member of the Order of BC

Dr. Bruce McManus

Member of the Order of Canada

Dr. Bruce McManus

Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC)

Excellence in Nursing Education: Silvia Nobrega
Outstanding Difference Maker Award: Crosstown Clinic

Providence Health Care Awards

Research and Mission Award
  • 2018: Dr. Jim Christenson; Dr. Aslam Anis
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    Watch the award video on Dr. Anis
  • 2019: Dr. Karin Humphries
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“Best” Patient Safety and Quality Award
  • 2018: Medicine Operational Excellence and Transformation Team (MOET)
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  • 2019: Bonnie Lantz and Danielle Richards
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Mission Award (Individual)
  • 2018: Shinobu Boehm
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  • 2019: Erica Guliker; Gariel Mikkelsen
    Watch the award video for Erica Guliker
    Watch the award video for Gariel Mikkelsen
Mission Award (Team)
  • 2018: Mount Saint Joseph’s Geriatric In-Patient Psychiatry Team
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  • 2019: Foundry Vancouver Granville Team
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Faye Meuser Memorial Leadership Award
  • 2018: Miriam Stewart
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  • 2019: Jo-Ann Tait
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Keeping the Promise Award
  • 2018 (Acute Care): Kent DesRoschers
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  • 2018 (Residential Care): Cecilia Moore
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  • 2019: Melissa Nicholson
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Volunteer Resources Scholarships
  • 2018: Raymond Song; Ricky Tsang
  • 2019: Kianna Kianpoor; Tyki Sueyoshi

Providence Health Care Professional Practice Recognition Awards

Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice

St. Paul’s Foundation

  • Sarah Cobb – Andrew Johnson Award of Advocacy
  • Tanya Varnals – Evelyn Gail Ireland Maternity Nursing Award
  • Ethelene Villamente – Evelyn Gail Ireland Maternity Nursing Award
  • Kinnon Ross – Inglis/Glover Award
  • Ricarte (Rick) Domingo – Sharon Shewella Surgical Program Award
  • Marija Stefic-Cubic – Terina Werry Award
  • Margaret Brand – Terina Werry Award (Cardiac)

Professional Practice

  • Rising Star Award – Simmi Gupta
Excellence in Clinical Practice

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

  • Connor McFadden
  • Glen Brown
  • Kathleen Lee
  • Mae Seto Quan

Rising Star Award

  • Charisse Knowlan
Providence Health Care Education Awards

S. Patricia Graham Nursing Award

  • Alana Yang
  • Aleza Ellen Moyer
  • Amy Low
  • Ann Gibb
  • Astrid Westervelt
  • Christine Manzano
  • Darren Barnfield
  • Derreck Leev
  • Emma Garrod
  • Erica Johansson
  • Karen Bassan
  • Kelly Third
  • Lawrence Talusan
  • Lira Marfa-Salazar
  • Lisa MacTavish
  • Luisito Sera Josep
  • Marielle Mejia
  • Mary MacLellan
  • Melissa Nicholson
  • Michelle Tyler
  • Mihaela Rozor
  • Navjeet Nijjar
  • Pamela Turnbull
  • Sally Co
  • Sarah Cobb
  • Shiela Rae Vales
  • Stephanie Ahuja
  • Stephanie A. Wong
  • Whitney Kroll

St. Paul’s Foundation Nursing Awards

  • Beena Parappilly
  • Darren Barnfield
  • Emma Garrod
  • Megan Human

Pauline Mayer Legacies in Education Fund Award

  • Sara Schlegel

Sharon Shewella Nursing Education Award

  • Karen Bassan
  • Mary MacLellan

Dr. Miriam Yu Nursing Education Award

  • Christina (Graham) Polson

Leung Sui Wa Memorial Award Recipient

  • Christina (Graham) Polson

Senate 150th Anniversary Medal

Dr. Julio Montaner (BC-CfE)

Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) – Gold Medal Award

Dr. Jonathon Leipsic

UBC Clinical Educator Award

Angela White

UBC Special Recognition Awards

Award for Innovation in CME/CPD – Dr. Silvia Guillemi
City of Vancouver Civic Merit Award – Dr. Julio Montaner
Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching – Dr. Janice Leung
Excellence in Basic Science Research – Dr. Tillie-Louise Hackett
Excellence in Clinical or Applied Research – Dr. Chris Ryerson
Family Physician of the Year – Dr. Christy Sutherland
Overall Excellence – Senior Faculty – Dr. Aslam Anis
UBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Researcher Award – Dr. Karin Humphries

Unsung Hero Awards – Heart Centre

Tana Hurt
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Jana Martinek
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Danielle Woznesensky
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