Better Understanding Patient Satisfaction: A Physician Quality Improvement Project

Dr. Patrick Vos, radiologist at St. Paul’s Hospital, together with Sheila Boyd, site coordinator for Radiology and Medical Imaging, are co-leading a quality improvement project focused on understanding patient satisfaction.

Data from 498 surveys from three different departments (i.e., Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound) were collected and analyzed.

Although opportunities for improvement were identified around areas such as “waiting time to appointment”, “waiting in reception”, “wayfinding”, and “informed how to prepare”, a happy surprise was that there more positive comments than negative, including shout-outs to specific staff members for being “nice”, “great”, or “excellent”.

Improvement actions have been taken to address the areas of opportunity, and the survey is in the process of being used in two additional departments: General Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.