Meaningful Moments

If you had to live in long-term care, what would make it feel like home?

Our long-term care teams are making sure that emotional connections matter most; residents direct each moment; and home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

In this spirit, each month, St. Vincent’s: Langara residents plan and cook dishes from a variety of cultures and cuisines, and share a delicious meal together.

Youville residents enjoy musical instruments, CDs, and in-house concerts. Support from a music therapist offers them profound opportunities for inclusion and creativity.

To encourage seniors to drink more fluids, Holy Family Hospital installed a slushy machine – a creative and fun way to stay hydrated and feel healthy.

The generous support of our donors to greatest needs across St. Paul’s helps purchase urgently needed equipment, life-saving research, and community programs that wouldn’t be otherwise funded through traditional channels. It’s helping us transform our culture of care – and improving the quality of life of all our residents.