Mission Forward

We are at the beginning of Providence’s newly launched seven-year strategic plan, Mission: Forward. In this our 125th Anniversary year, perhaps more than ever, Providence is explicitly drawing attention to what we have always known: from the beginning, it was a mission dedicated to caring, research, and education. This was our founders’ mission, as it is ours today. And we are confident that it will be our mission tomorrow. Responding to this fundamental mission is how we all move forward, together. After all, it is Providence’s mission that drives the culture that, in turn, drives our strategy.

The year 2018 saw us embark on an unprecedented level of organization-wide engagement — more than 40 per cent of the organization participated — which resulted in the formation and launch of our new strategic plan, “Mission: Forward.” It’s a seven-year plan that we all helped create.

Anchored by four foundational principles and defined by four strategic directions, Mission: Forward outlines the how we want to show up in 2026. And each direction’s seven-year aspirational goals serve as guide points to keep us on track and ensure we get there the Providence way.

mission forward

We are at a pivotal time in our history – about to embark on building the most advanced health campus in the country, revolutionizing how we care for seniors in BC, and only months out from ushering in a clinical systems transformation. We’re ringing in 125 years of innovation driven by compassion, while looking ever-forward to what needs to be done next.

For all of us, this is a remarkable opportunity to create a Providence that will lead the way into the future of health care.

This is our mission going forward.