Once a musician, always a musician

Artsway concerts take place at St. Vincent’s: Langara twice a month, to the enjoyment of everyone who lives there.

During an Artsway Concert on Feb 2, 2019 featuring Jon Roper, David Branter and Alan Matheson, St. Vincent’s: Langara’s very own resident, Eve Duke, was invited to sing with them.

Alan (jazz trumpet and piano) recognized Eve from previous encounters in their music careers and before they performed, Alan acknowledged Eve and her accomplishments as a musician who performed with Duke Ellington. He even bought the album to show his support of Duke Ellington and Eve’s music.

It was a warm moment to have a current musician acknowledge Eve, even though she is no longer performing professionally. Without any prior rehearsal, Jon, David, Alan and Eve brilliantly performed “Love You Madly” and “Sentimental Reason.” We would also like to acknowledge that Eve celebrated her one-year anniversary in performing at Eve’s Café.

Eve’s Café is held the first Thursday of the month at St. Vincent’s: Langara where Eve performs with Wendy, music therapist.

Once a musician, always a musician. Photo courtesy of CBC.