Patient Safety: How Can We Adapt and Maintain a Resilient Culture?

Attended by 150 clinical, non-clinical staff, patient partners, and corporate leaders in addition to frontline clinicians, the aim of this year’s Patient Safety Retreat was to provide the tools, resources and space for leaders to think, discuss and ask critical questions, specifically focussed on unpacking one central question: How can we – as a leader, team and organization – adapt and maintain a resilient culture during times of uncertainty?

A diverse lineup of exceptional speakers reflected, coached, shared and challenged participants in large group sessions, in addition to being broken out into three main topic sessions: leader (bring our best selves to our team), team (inspire the team), and organization (resilience through uncertainty).

At the end of this raw, interactive day, participants left feeling that we are at the forefront of advancing patient safety, the care experience, and health care outcomes by learning from everyday work. Through sense-making, relatedness and looking at what allows us to provide care that goes right, we have the chance to make things safer for those who we serve and be world leaders.