Reflecting On Our Year

This annual report is an acknowledgement and celebration of the passionate and committed caregivers, physicians/medical staff, researchers, innovators and volunteers of Providence Health Care and the positive relationships and stories they develop in delivering our mission on a daily basis to patients and residents.

It’s a mission that goes back 125 years, when, in 1894, the Sisters of Providence opened St. Paul’s hospital – a 25-bed cottage that would pave the way for world-class teaching, research and academia.

Each day Providence people demonstrate their profound convictions, responding with all their knowledge and skills to ease the suffering of patients, residents and families throughout our 17 sites and the communities they serve.

Whether it’s the latest life-saving discovery by one of our research centres, breakthrough surgery techniques being used in our operating rooms, the creation of new social environments in our care homes, or whether it’s the compassion of a social care worker in our emergency department or care aide in a seniors home – the care and services provided by our over 6,600 staff, over 1,100 physicians and medical staff, and 1,400 volunteers are as diverse as the needs of our populations.

Yet, even with such a varied workforce, there is a common energy that continues to bind and strengthen Providence’s unique organizational culture.

It’s a 125-year commonality of belief in our vision, mission, values and philosophy of care that healing and caregiving must address all the dimensions of a person in need: the body, the mind and the spirit. It is a continuous link back to our founding congregations and, ultimately, back to the healing ministry of Jesus.

The people we work with and care for – seniors, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, renal disease, cardio-pulmonary illnesses, mental illnesses, addictions and other complex urban conditions – are indicative of our history and desire to seek out the most in need and demonstrate respect and human dignity in the provision of their care.

It is these continuing shared experiences that resulted in our numerous exciting achievements over the past year. The stories in the annual report – the accomplishments of individuals, programs and research centres – demonstrate those bonds. Included are the numerous list of awards and recognition that testify to the recognition of our collective achievements.

With the new St. Paul’s redevelopment project, the upcoming CST Cerner project implementation, our long-term care and seniors’ vision, our involvement with Canada’s Digital Supercluster initiative, our continuing care, research and innovation breakthroughs, we are continuing to create and tell stories of how our caregivers go beyond just providing a service. They reach out with the wellspring of their humanity to engage with compassion, cultural humility and empathy with patients or residents.

Providence looks forward to this exciting time of change. We are committed to continuing to work closely with our health-sector, First Nations, academic, patient/resident, and government partners to achieve our common goals for British Columbians.

It is these bonds that will carry us successfully into a future of renewal and prosperity of spirit for the next 125 years.