Research & Culture Makes for a Unique Hospice

St. John Hospice is unique in its commitment to investigating best practices for end-of-life care and for the training of health professionals. Our hospice staff, in conjunction with members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, collect general data that helps to develop innovative, multidisciplinary palliative care practices. This research, when coupled with the heart of those who work there, makes for a truly distinct culture, as evidenced by some of the following soundbites that were shared at St. John’s Hospice recent Long Service recognition event:

  • “I’m proud of the work we do; I haven’t longed to go anywhere but here. Providence’s Mission and Values align with my practice as a nurse.”
  • “I like working here because it’s a team; we create value for families, touch their lives and ensure they experience peace and comfort.”
  • “As a volunteer, that feeling of team, and family, is extrapolated to use. We’re a valued part of team.”
  • “When I first started at St. Paul’s I was casual on all floors and then I was introduced to palliative, I thought that the camaraderie and interdisciplinary support was above and beyond anywhere else.”

Thanks to our remarkable hospice staff, and the strengthened palliative care knowledge and practice that is yielded through research, more British Columbians will experience compassionate, quality care in their final days.