Supporting Staff’s Desire to Pursue Answers and Mobilize Their Learnings

As a teaching and research hospital, continually endeavouring to provide all staff with opportunities that support their desire to explore and share research ideas and evidence-based practice is paramount.

The Practice-based Research Challenge is now in its ninth year, having provided support to 584 clinical and allied staff who have little to no research knowledge or experience and funding 95 projects that have led to practice change, local and international conference presentations, and published findings.

The Knowledge Translation (KT) challenge is a joint regional initiative between Providence and Vancouver Coastal Health. Now in its third year, this challenge has seen seven projects be supported and funded, implementing research findings into practice. KT Pathways sees Providence partnered with the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to create a training tool for researchers, health professionals, decision makers, knowledge brokers and policy makers looking to be trained up in the way of KT. Increased understanding of KT and the skills to do it will inevitably increase the use of health research evidence in future research, practice, policy in BC.

Team grants for transplant-related research see a $30,000 grant to pursue issues that are directly relevant to current health care issues within Providence, thanks to a partnership with the Transplant Research Foundation and VCHRI, Vancouver Coastal Health’s Research Institute.