The Joy Of Working Together

Much of the joy of working at Providence comes from connecting with each other around our passion for exceptional patient care. That’s why medical staff are excited to be involved in the provincial Facility Engagement Initiative. Over the past year, it has created many new opportunities for physicians, surgeons and medical leaders to forge stronger, collaborative relationships with Providence’s CEO and senior leadership, administrators and support staff.

It enables medical staff to work together more often on plans for patient care, our workplace and health care transformation. Notably, last fall saw more than 120 physicians contribute 250+ ideas to Providence’s seven-year strategic plan. This collaboration has been pivotal to inform our new strategic directions and goals, and will continue as we work together to bring our new plan to life. Our enthusiastic medical staff executive, with the Providence Physicians and Surgeons Society, provides leadership for engagement activities and, in 2018, launched a new medical staff website in partnership with Medical Affairs at